lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011

Continued fulfillment dramatic of Mother Laura Antonia’s Prophecies

Saturday morning on February 27, 2010, at 03:34 hours in Chile, the epicenter at 115 kilometers northeast from Concepción, big earthquake measuring 8.8 Richter scale affects the south-central Chile and is followed by a tsunami that hit much of the south central coast, which increases the number of deaths comprising over 500.In the days after the chaos continues as basic supplies are cut, the population goes into psychosis, there is looting in the affected areas and the state of emergency decreed by the military which mostly take the lead in the city of Concepción, in Santiago where there are water and electricity cuts as well, collective madness is contagious, and many take advantage of the situation and steal and loot shops and even some homes.
Earthquake and Tsunami in Chile
With this tragic scourge of Divine Justice, are still fulfilled the prophecies of Mother Laura Antonia, made in the name of the Divine Father Creator.
- April 30, 1974: Prophetic dream of Mother Laura Antonia: “Great earthquake in Chile, very violent and lasted several minutes."
- May 10, 1974: Prophetic dream of Mother Laura Antonia "very strong earthquake in Chile, there were railway lines destroyed."
- February 22, 1978: Prophetic dream of Mother Laura Antonia: "The huge steamroller that is the punishment of the Divine Father Creator, is crushing everything on Earth and it’s coming to Chile."

- May 25, 1980: Prophetic dream of Mother Laura Antonia: "There will come a great and terrible destructive earthquake in Chile, as a punishment of the Divine Father. The more delays, the more strength gets."
-7 July 1982: Prophetic dream of Mother Laura Antonia: "very strong and destructive earthquake."
-19 January 1977: Prophetic dream of Mother Laura Antonia: "Great tsunami in Chile. The waves will move inland, general panic. "
The reason for the punishment of Divine Father on Chile
- January 24, 1984: Prophetic Dream of Mother Laura Antonia "The Punishment of the Divine Father come to Chile, for rejecting the Divine Father Creator Science”.
“The Horsemen of War, mortality and hunger, will gallop here."
-13 October 1982: prophetic message left by the Masters of the Cosmogony in a incorporation through Mother Laura Antonia: "The Divine Father stopped the punishment for this country (Chile), because it is here where you and Sister Laura Antonia are, but as soon as you leave, this country will be punished to the fullest extent, more than the other countries of the Earth, for rejecting the Prophet.
From poverty, which will increase, will be unleashed hunger, diseases and pests.
There will come a great punishment for this country and then the war, where this country will be totally devastated by other powerful countries. "
What remains to be fulfilled about Earthquakes Prophecies
- 1 November 1984: Prophetic dream of Mother Laura Antonia: "She saw the concrete pillars and graves of faded red color. The highest was marked with the number 11 and the other smallest with the number 2 and the legend said "Santiago Black".
- July 4, 1986: Prophetic dream of Mother Laura Antonia: "New Earthquake in Santiago, collapsed several large buildings in Alameda Bernardo O'Higgins"
-14 September 1986: Prophetic Dream of Mother Laura Antonia: "Earthquake in Chile. First, slowly began to shake, then began an stronger one than the last one occurred in Chile. It was a great disaster for the country. A punishment by the Divine Father for such evil and wickedness.
There were a big number of victims. In a mine, 8000 people were dead. It seems that the mine disaster was due to a simultaneous volcanic eruption. "
-On June 23, 2002 Mother Laura Antonia talked me into semi-trance: "To San Bernardo, a very strong earthquake will occur, are three successive earthquakes. It will be a punishment from God. Santiago will be a great catastrophe. "
- Wednesday, September 8, 2004: The author had the following prophetic dream, which confirms a Mother’s prophecy: "There will be a catastrophic earthquake in Chile that will come in two stages. There will be two successive earthquakes."